SIL Guides

We are happy to announce the release of our new series, Savvy Internet Ladies Guides. Each month we’ll release a new guide aimed at helping women tackle a specific business or business issue. Our goal with each guide is to streamline the process so that readers can focus directly on getting it done. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that money loves speed. Less down time = more earning time.

How To Use an SIL Guide

Each guide contains sections including information, checklists and a workbook.  If you are like me and want to see the whole picture immediately, I suggest skimming through all of the content before taking any action.

Once you are familiar with what’s inside, you’re ready to get busy. Choose a task to tackle.  Are there items or information you will need to have ready? It is much easier to accomplish a task in one setting if you have all the needed information and/or parts when you begin.

Our first guide is about announcing a change in your pricing. This is a task that can be seriously stressful. What if customers get mad? What if they dump you?

Before you get too worked up, check out our guide. You can raise your prices without bringing your world to an end. The guide is available now.

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