SIL Guide to Price Increases

Pricing is a serious concern no matter what type of business you own. Managing and increasing your prices can make you crazy with anxiety. What if you price too low? What if you price too high? What if all your current customers run for the competition and no new customers come along?

How many times have you faced this scenario? Or, like many of us, have you just put it off to do another time but another time just never gets here. My friend, H., recently dealt with this. She was spending too much time and getting too little money for her efforts. She took a deep breath and raised her prices. Now she works less and earns more.

It wasn’t easy to do. She is in a business where competition is stiff. There can be a fine line between too much and too little. Our first Savvy Internet Ladies Guide tackles this issue. We hope it helps you get the same results my friend did.

how to change prices

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