Rapture During Barley Harvest?

It is becoming increasingly clear that America is drastically changing – for the worse.  It seems that every day a new law is enacted that is oppressive or downright evil. For those watching the times and the signs, life right now indicates an imminent rapture.

There are all sorts of rumors about what America will be like by the end of the summer – and none of them are normal.  Mass deaths, flu, food shortages, the list is a depressing one – if you aren’t looking up.

According to 1 Thessalonians 5:3, the rapture will occur during a seemingly normal time of peace and safety. Another verse states that people will be as they were in the days of Noah, eating, drinking and living their lives.

If the rapture is to happen when life is “normal” in America, it will occur sooner instead of later. There has been an enormous increase in prophetic warnings and dreams telling everyone that time is almost up. Truly, believers should be prayed up and looking up as never before.

Pastor Perry Stone gave a rapture study that covered the harvest seasons. We are currently in the barley harvest season.

Barley Harvest (Wind):

Barley has a SOFT shell. You cannot step on barley or you’ll ‘CRUSH’ it. They take a ‘fan’ (it looks like a pitch fork) and they gather the barley together and they throw it up in the air the ‘WIND’ separates the outer shell from the meat which is the barley itself and they they collect the barley and bring it in. In the Book of Ruth, it was barley harvest.

Wheat Harvest (Tribulum):

When you go to separate this (wheat), there was a board and it’s a board that you stand on and you take an animal and you stand on that board and you hook it to the animal and you go over top of the wheat (because wheat is very hard). And that board separates that grain and gets the wheat …out is called, in Latin, a ‘tribulum’ from which we get the word, ‘tribulation’.  There is NO ‘tribulum’ used at Passover with the barley. A ‘tribulum’ is …used at this feast (Pentecost) to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Grape Harvest (Crush):

…And then, the grapes are UTTERLY, TOTALLY CRUSHED!!!” .

..”The barley harvest is a picture of the saints whose hearts are ‘TENDER’ …who do NOT have to be separated as wheat and chaff. Then, later on in …the Tribulation, there is a separation of wheat and tare. There’s the 144,000 …Jews that will be caught up to the throne of God. And during the Tribulum or …the Trubulation there will be a CRUSHING on the earth that will separate the …wheat from the chaff. Then the grape harvest comes at the END.”

Perry Stone went on to say:

…”Revelation 4:1 is the RAPTURE of the church. It’s the BARLEY …HARVEST because the BARLEY doesn’t have to go through …’TRIBULUM’…the barley doesn’t have to go through TRIBULATION! ..The WIND is the HOLY GHOST and all we have to do is let the …HOLY GHOST blow over us and blow the junk out of us and blow …the carnality out of us!

…The OVERCOMERS are represented by barley! But you get in …the middle of the Tribulation and guess what you’ve got? You’ve…got CHAFF on the wheat and so you’ve got to take this and you’ve …got a tribulum and you’ve got to CRUSH it! You’ve got to CRUSH …it to find out WHO is standing for God and who IS NOT!

…In Revelation 4:1, the ‘CHURCH’ is caught up to God but in the …middle of the Tribulation, the 144,000 are CAUGHT UP to God. …And at the END of the Tribulation (Revelation 14) it talks about …the GRAPES OF WRATH!!! Take your sickle and go to the …vineyard that’s NOW RIPE and cut the grapes and throw the
…grapes into the wine press of MY WRATH!!! That is the LAST …PART of the Tribulation period where the CRUSHING takes …place and the wine press comes out to the city of Jerusalem …and blood is to the horses bridle.

…You see, when you understand the law of harvest, it clears up …this WHOLE thing. The Church is going UP before the Tribulation.  God has NOT appointed us to wrath …but to obtain salvation through His Son. That’s what He said….He said, ‘Pray that you be accounted worthy to escape these…things and stand before the Son of Man.’ He said, ‘Because …you’ve kept the Word of My patience, I’ll keep you from the hour…of testing  which is coming for ALL THE EARTH.’ He’s NOT…appointed us to the grape wrath!!!”

Pentecost, the wheat harvest, starts around the end of May (One web page shows May 29th as the beginning of Pentecost).  IF God sees fit to send Jesus for believers during the barley harvest time of 2009, the rapture will occur sometime between this moment and Pentecost in May.

May 29th is one month away. Are you ready to meet your Savior? Have you seriously considered that the world could be entering the last 7 years? Have you been watching the signs in the heavens and on earth? Have you noticed the progression of the New World Order agenda?

Only God knows what year the rapture will occur. The signs we were told to watch for are now arriving hourly instead of weekly or monthly. The signs say we’re going home – SOON.



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