New Year Brings New Signs of the Times

Last fall the headlines seemed so intense, so full of signs that one had to wonder just how long can things go on like they are.  As plentiful as the signs were then, they are nothing compared to 2011.

Sudden Destruction has taken on new meaning after a round of disasters worldwide while science and technology seem determined to advance an anti-christian agenda.

Brazil Mudslides

Australia Floods

Magnetic Pole Shifts

Europe’s Largest Volcano Erupting

Sun Rises 2 Days Early in Greenland

Dead Fish and Birds All Around the Globe

7000 Animals Freeze to Death in Vietnam

US Debt More than $14 Trillion

Joysticks to be Replaced with Brainwave-Controlled Gadgets?

Iphone Accessory Channels Brain Waves to Phone

Obama Pushing Internet ID for Americans

Couple Told They Need a Permit to Feed the Homeless


January 16, 2011 · Sister C · Comments Closed
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